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Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon Details Recovery Experience Following Rhinoplasty

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Seeking to educate potential patients, Dr. Ali Sepehr reveals the typical rhinoplasty healing process, touching upon the risks and benefits of the cosmetic procedure. Irvine, CA—The nose is the most […]

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How Long Is the Recovery From Rhinoplasty?

As with all surgical procedures, the process of healing following rhinoplasty is very important to the outcome. Dr. Ali Sepehr, our skilled facial plastic surgeon, utilizes a number of advanced […]

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Are There Any Risks Associated With Rhinoplasty?

As one of the most popular surgical procedures in cosmetic enhancement, many people elect to undergo rhinoplasty to help improve the appearance and the function of the nose. While hundreds […]

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Facial Plastic Surgeon in Orange County Answers Common Rhinoplasty Questions

rhinoplasty, Orange County facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Sepehr Answers Common Rhinoplasty Questions

Dr. Ali Sepehr answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding rhinoplasty surgery and candidacy requirements for the procedure. Irvine, CA—Designed to correct asymmetries, breathing problems, and perceived aesthetic […]

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Is Rhinoplasty Right for Me?

Rhinoplasty offers a number of benefits for patients dissatisfied with the shape and/or function of their nose. Designed to enhance the symmetry between facial features, increase the aesthetic appeal of […]

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Dr. Ali Sepehr Answers Common Rhinoplasty Questions

There are numerous reasons why our patients request rhinoplasty, also called nose surgery or nose reshaping, including breathing difficulties, a recent injury, or general dissatisfaction with the appearance. Rhinoplasty is […]

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The Key To Successful Secondary Rhinoplasty

In our previous blog post, Dr. Ali Sepehr discussed revision rhinoplasty candidacy and the unique surgical challenges involved in the procedure. In this follow-up post, Dr. Sepehr will discuss revision […]

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Revision Rhinoplasty: Who Is A Candidate?

Patients who are unhappy with the results of an initial rhinoplasty procedure do not need to live the rest of their lives with that outcome. Revision rhinoplasty is an opportunity […]

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