Ali Sepehr, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Minimally invasive options remain the most popular methods of facial rejuvenation in the United States, and BOTOX® Cosmetic is typically the most commonly requested and performed non-surgical cosmetic enhancement. Designed to reduce the appearance of fine to moderate lines and wrinkles, BOTOX® injections can help to develop smoother skin with natural-looking results. Additional benefits of this innovative treatment include fast-acting results that can last up to six months, little to no downtime, and the potential for improved effects with regular use.

Rather than rely on nurse injectors, our skilled facial plastic surgeon, Ali Sepehr, MD, personally administers BOTOX® Cosmetic and all cosmetic injections in our office to help ensure the highest level of patient care and safety. He will first examine the areas of concern and develop a customized treatment plan before performing the procedure. In most cases, the experience can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic has been the #1 most performed non-surgical procedure since becoming approved for cosmetic use in 2002.

Candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic

There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to the natural process of aging, including environmental stressors, genetic predisposition, overactive facial muscles, and fatigue. These elements can result in the development of creases that may make you appear older than you actually are. BOTOX® Cosmetic can temporarily diminish the appearance of wrinkles along the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes for more youthful-looking skin. Candidates for BOTOX® injections will have the following indicators:

  •     Fine lines, wrinkles, and/or creases in the upper face
  •     A desire for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with little to no downtime
  •     Good health and no allergies to the ingredients in BOTOX® Cosmetic

During your consultation, Dr. Sepehr will discuss your aesthetic goals and examine your anatomic needs to determine if BOTOX® Cosmetic can help you achieve your desired outcome. He will also perform all injections himself to provide an exceptional experience from start to finish.

The Procedure

BOTOX® Cosmetic works by limiting the movement of the muscles that are responsible for making certain facial expressions. When these muscles become overactive, they can lead to increasingly deep wrinkles. Comprised of a form of the neurotoxin botulinum type-A, BOTOX® Cosmetic is designed to temporarily diminish muscle contraction frequency in the treated area. As a result, skin will usually appear smoother and lines will appear less noticeable. When Dr. Sepehr performs the procedure, he will utilize an ultra-fine needle to deliver the solution into the areas of concern. If requested, he can also apply a local anesthetic to enhance your comfort if requested. Treatment typically takes about 15 minutes to complete, depending on your unique needs and aesthetic goals. The effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic should develop within a few days and full results are often visible in approximately one week.

BOTOX® Cosmetic typically lasts between three and six months; however, long-term use may extend the life of the benefits. To maintain the effects, you should receive regular follow-up treatment as recommended by Dr. Sepehr.

The Recovery

Many patients experience no downtime after receiving BOTOX® injections, and you should be able to return to normal activities immediately following the procedure. Some degree of redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness around the injection sites is normal, and these effects should fade within a few days. You should consult your general practitioner before using BOTOX® Cosmetic if you have a history of neuromuscular disease or cardiovascular concerns.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dr. Ali Sepehr has extensive experience administering BOTOX® injections and many other cosmetic injectables. With each patient, he emphasizes beautiful, natural-looking results. To help inform your decision, he has provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic:

What areas of the face can BOTOX® Cosmetic treat?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is routinely used to address fine lines on the forehead and face, including crow’s feet, frown lines, brow furrows, and other areas. Dr. Sepehr will let you know if BOTOX® injections can effectively address your area of concern during your consultation.

How long does treatment take?

One of the many benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic is the brief treatment time. Many patients come in on their lunch breaks for the procedure and return to work immediately after. While every person’s needs are unique and procedure times can vary, BOTOX® injections are generally administered within about 30 minutes.

Does it hurt?

We take great care to make your experience as pleasant as possible, and most patients report only minimal discomfort. If desired, Dr. Sepehr can apply a topical anesthetic to the treated areas in order to make your treatment more relaxing and comfortable.

What is the recovery process like?

Downtime following BOTOX® injections is rare and will typically be brief. Some light bruising and minor swelling in the treated area is normal, but these effects should fade quickly. You should be able to return to normal activities promptly after treatment.

How soon until I see results?

Benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic are typically apparent after about one week, with full results visible after about two weeks.

How long do the results last?

The duration of results will vary from patient to patient. In general, the cosmetic outcome from BOTOX® Cosmetic should last approximately three to four months. Regular maintenance sessions can help to extend its rejuvenative effects.

Are there complementary or alternative treatments I should consider?

In addition to BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dr. Sepehr offers a broad range of cosmetic injectables. Our dermal fillers are designed to smooth skin, reduce common signs of aging, and achieve a more youthful appearance. If you’re experiencing volume loss, thinning lips, aging hands, or other concerns, Dr. Sepehr can customize your treatment plan to help you attain more comprehensive facial rejuvenation without surgery.

If you have additional questions about BOTOX® Cosmetic, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sepehr, please contact our office today.