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Your Initial Consultation

We all want to look our best and may have features we would like to improve.  Fortunately, the knowledge and technology available today provides many possibilities from which to choose. A satisfying cosmetic surgery experience starts by defining your objectives.  The Aesthetic Analysis and Advice Process (AAA Process™) is a two-day consultation in which we assist you in defining your own concerns and determining the least invasive, shortest, and fastest way to help you reach your goals.  A physical exam, review of one’s health history, and an understanding of a patient are vital to developing a treatment plan – a plan which may include options that are non-surgical or surgical—whatever may best serve the patient.

Please contact Dr. Ali Sepehr to schedule a cosmetic enhancement consultation at our practice.

Listening to our patients is the foundation of our initial consultation.  It is absolutely essential to understanding their expectations, consider if they are good surgical candidates, or if non-surgical options would be better for them—answering their questions, and offering a range of uniquely tailored treatment options. Achieving the desired results begins by understanding the patient’s concerns and objectives.
—Dr. Ali Sepehr

At OC Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe in a well-educated patient who is thoroughly informed on all aspects of the procedures they are considering.  We will explain all of your options and the results you might expect, thoroughly and completely, to ensure you are knowledgeable in the overall treatment process.

Dr. Sepehr and our team of medical professionals are committed to helping you fully understand the process. We will answer all of your questions, and we even welcome inquiries from your family. We can also provide you with written literature at your request.

OC Facial Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing you with a comfortable environment and an atmosphere in which you feel that any question you may have will be answered thoroughly. We want your visit with us to be informative and pleasurable, and we make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible.

Basics of the Initial Consultation

After Your Consultation

Once your consultation is complete, you are more than welcome to schedule a follow-up appointment and take some time to review everything you have discussed with Dr. Sepehr. We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Photo Consultation

For your convenience we are happy to provide a service of reviewing your emailed or mailed photos and giving you feedback on your concerns.  If you wish to send photos by email or postal mail, make sure photos are of the highest resolution. Please include specific details on what you would like to correct or improve. Dr. Sepehr will review your photos and contact you. It’s a good idea to send a duplicate photo since unfortunately we cannot guarantee they will not be lost in the mail.

For your protection, we must offer a word of caution: whether from OC Facial Plastic Surgery or elsewhere, a telephone call from a physician or staff member based on your photographs should not be taken as medical advice.

Remember, a one-on-one consultation with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon is the most reliable way to attain the best possible information. Our team at OC Facial Plastic Surgery will be happy to review your photos and offer feedback; however, we will not be able to give you a fully formed opinion or the most thorough information regarding your enhancement options until you have met with Dr. Sepehr.