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Combining Injectables for a Liquid Facelift

The face reveals signs of aging in a variety of ways, including frown lines, hollow cheeks, laugh lines, and more. Many patients often experience more than one of these perceived […]

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Patients seeking a nonsurgical volume enhancing treatment that can outlast typical injectable options have a new alternative that is a breakthrough in multiple ways. Traditionally, my patients opt for JUVÉDERM®, […]

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When Should Patients Consider a Facelift? Irvine Facial Plastic Surgeon Explains

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Orange County facial plastic surgeon Ali Sepehr, MD discusses when facelift surgery can be the best option for patients seeking facial rejuvenation. Irvine, CA — Many individuals seek out facial […]

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How to Know When Facelift Surgery is the Best Option

In our last post, Dr. Ali Sepehr explained different surgical and non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation. In part two of our blog series, he will discuss the typical facelift patient […]

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Which Facial Rejuvenation Procedure is Right for Me?

Which Facial Rejuvenation Procedure is Right for Me? In this first installment of our two-part blog series, Dr. Ali Sepehr explains how he helps his patients find a facial rejuvenation […]

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Irvine Facial Plastic Surgeon On Overcoming The Challenges Of Revision Rhinoplasty

Irvine facial plastic surgeon, revision rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgery, Dr. Ali Sepehr

Orange County facial plastic surgeon Ali Sepehr, MD reveals revision rhinoplasty techniques to help ensure patient satisfaction while delivering superior cosmetic and functional results. Irvine, CA – Many rhinoplasty procedures […]

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The Key To Successful Secondary Rhinoplasty

In our previous blog post, Dr. Ali Sepehr discussed revision rhinoplasty candidacy and the unique surgical challenges involved in the procedure. In this follow-up post, Dr. Sepehr will discuss revision […]

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Revision Rhinoplasty: Who Is A Candidate?

Patients who are unhappy with the results of an initial rhinoplasty procedure do not need to live the rest of their lives with that outcome. Revision rhinoplasty is an opportunity […]

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