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What Is a Lifelong Lift Facelift?

QuestionA facelift is a facelift is a facelift, right? Well, not quite. There are many factors that can make this procedure more or less effective. Just as your needs and goals are singular, your cosmetic surgery should be tailored to suit your anatomy and desired outcome. With these goals in mind, Dr. Ali Sepehr, our board certified facial plastic surgeon, developed the Lifelong Lift facelift. His technique is unique, just like you.

The Lifelong Lift should not be confused with the Lifestyle Lift. Dr. Sepehr personally developed the Lifelong Lift procedure, and it does more than just reposition sagging skin to a higher, more youthful location—the hallmark of most facelifts. His multi-modality approach addresses the deeper tissues of the face as well as the upper neck to achieve an outcome that is as natural-looking and long-lasting as possible. The combination face and neck lift typically suits a broader range of patients who generally experience signs of aging in more than just one concentrated area. As with all of our aesthetic enhancements, however, your treatment plan will be modified to suit your needs.

The Lifelong Lift is designed to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls on the lower face. If you desire rejuvenation on the mid or upper face, or if your concerns include uneven skin tone and texture or fine lines and volume loss, Dr. Sepehr can recommend other treatments to help you attain comprehensive aesthetic improvement.

There are many considerations to weigh when determining if facelift surgery is right for you. One of the most important decisions you can make is selecting an extensively trained and qualified facial plastic surgeon; one who has your results, comfort, and safety in mind. Dr. Sepehr is committed to using the most advanced techniques and technology available, and he offers attentive, compassionate treatment to every individual.

If you have additional questions about Lifelong Lift facelift surgery, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sepehr, please contact our office today.