Limitations of a BOTOX® Cosmetic Brow Lift

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Limitations of a “BOTOX® Brow Lift”

If you’re researching different med spa treatments to help you minimize a stressed, tired, or aged look in the upper face, you may have come across an option known as a “BOTOX brow lift.” This term is commonly used to refer to a treatment in which BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected to reduce wrinkles and creases, thereby allowing a more youthful and refreshed appearance in the forehead. It’s important to note that despite the name, BOTOX® Cosmetic cannot match the rejuvenation possible with a surgical brow lift — injectables do not address excess skin or lax muscles, making it impossible to completely replicate brow lift results. While BOTOX® Cosmetic can relax and soften wrinkles, this neuromodulator cannot:

BOTOX® Cosmetic can be the perfect treatment to improve etched-in fine lines around the forehead; however, combining injections with a more dynamic treatment option, such as a brow lift, is recommended for patients who are also bothered by loose skin or a drooping brow. Knowing the most optimal combination of treatments to achieve your goals can be confusing, but luckily Dr. Ali Sepehr — our board-certified facial plastic surgeon — will help you formulate a custom treatment plan tailored for your needs and concerns. 

Find out whether BOTOX® Cosmetic, brow lift surgery, or a combination of both techniques is right for you by contacting our Newport Beach-area practice today. Dr. Sepehr can help you determine which of our many facial plastic surgery and med spa services would be ideal to achieve your cosmetic goals.