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Introducing RadiaLift: Approaching Facial Rejuvenation As a Whole

A facelift is among the most powerful treatments to address facial aging and reclaim a brighter, more refreshed appearance. Advances in the field of facial plastic surgery over the last few decades have substantially improved older facelift techniques, leading to results that look less “frozen” or “pulled.” However, the limitations of a standard facelift still exist — many plastic surgeons focus too intently on lifting the face across a single vector rather than suspending the tissues in a more holistic, rotational fashion. In many cases, this limited approach can lessen the integrity of facelift results, often resulting in telltale indications of surgery, such as an overly stretched mouth or “surprised” eyes. These very reasons are why Dr. Ali Sepehr — our board-certified and fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon — developed RadiaLift to treat the face in its entirety, renewing the facial tissues with unique consideration of your surrounding features rather than solely addressing one region at a time. This not only enhances facial harmony, but also achieves a more accurate and effective reversal of the natural aging process. 

RadiaLift is an all-inclusive process that combines multiple treatments to rejuvenate the face as a whole. During surgery, Dr. Sepehr lifts and restores support for the facial tissues across all vectors, mirroring the same multi-directional fashion in which the face sags and droops. In turn, results look more natural, cohesive, and holistic when compared to a traditional facelift. Since the techniques utilized during a RadiaLift follow the natural manner in which gravity affects the face, the results look very natural.  Furthermore, since each component of the RadiaLift addresses the tough fascial layer of each part of the face, the outcome also tends to be more enduring and lasting. 

Depending on the needs of each patient, options included in a RadiaLift often include some combination of a facelift, neck lift, brow lift, lip lift, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty. Adjunctive treatments like fillers and laser resurfacing may also be used to complement or maintain your results. This can provide patients with many benefits, including: 

Observing signs of facial aging can be frustrating, but a RadiaLift is custom-tailored to restore support for your face in all directions. Dr. Sepehr is extremely skilled in achieving lasting, natural-looking facial rejuvenation with a RadiaLift, so please contact our Newport Beach practice to discover the most ideal treatment to address your concerns.