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Does Eyelid Surgery Get Rid of Dark Circles?

ModelDark circles and puffy eyelids are often associated with illness, allergies, or sleep deprivation; however, the truth is dark shadows under the eyes can develop due to reasons that range from genetics and stress to overexposure to the sun. That said, aging is often the most prominent reason why individuals develop under-eye circles. As the skin naturally loses elasticity and volume over time, displaced fat in the eye region can create a puffy, baggy look under the eyelids. This puffiness can then cast shadows, often resulting in the formation of dark circles. 

Lower blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can be a very effective treatment option to reduce dark circles and restore a more refreshed look in the upper face. This is achieved by surgically repositioning/removing protruding fat in the lower eyelids, thus smoothing the region and eliminating puffiness. Since the herniated fat that normally casts unflattering shadows is evened out, dark circles are then erased for a brighter, more alert appearance. 

A consultation with a facial plastic surgeon is recommended to conclusively determine the best technique to correct your dark circles. While the natural effects of aging on the eyelid contours can make you look more tired than you actually feel, refined rejuvenation is possible with blepharoplasty techniques tailored to achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact OC Facial Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our practice or to schedule a consultation with our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Ali Sepehr, MD.