Surgical or Non-surgical Lip Enhancement: Which is Right for Me?

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Surgical or Non-surgical Lip Enhancement: Which is Right for Me?

Lip enhancement procedures are designed to rejuvenate, contour, or augment the lips for a beautiful and youthful aesthetic. Many of our patients at the OC Center for Facial Plastic Surgery desire lips that are full, plump, and have a well-defined “cupid’s bow” at the top of the upper lip. While some patients choose lip enhancement to counteract the effects of the natural aging process, others may simply want to accentuate their lips and improve facial harmony. Dr. Ali Sepehr performs two main methods of lip enhancement: surgical and non-surgical.

Surgical lip enhancement is often referred to as a lip lift. With this procedure, Dr. Sepehr can widen and add volume to the colored area of thinning lips (the vermilion), create a more contoured cupid’s bow, and shorten a lengthened white upper lip (the portion under the nose). This last one is a sign of aging and shortening a long upper lip gives the lips a much more youthful appearance. In most cases, the scar from a lip lift is virtually unnoticeable after the healing process is complete. In addition, the results of a lip lift last much longer than non-surgical alternatives.

Non-surgical lip enhancement methods, on the other hand, are still quite effective at revitalizing the appearance of the lips. Cosmetic injectables such as JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® or Restylane® can soften the lines around the mouth. JUVÉDERM® can also be used to plump the lips using a hyaluronic acid-based gel. These dermal fillers require little to no downtime and achieve results quickly. Because of these benefits, injectables are a popular option for patients seeking a fast-acting method of lip enhancement.

To learn which method of lip enhancement can achieve your cosmetic goals, please contact our practice today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sepehr.