Combining Eye Lid and Brow Lift Surgery

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Why Combining Eyelid and Brow Lift Surgery Can Improve Results

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Many structures of the face are interconnected, working together to allow you to form expressions and perform other tasks at will. While it’s possible (and common) to improve the appearance of one area of the face at a time, in many cases choosing to focus on two or more related areas can often result in a more comprehensive, better-quality outcome. Dr. Ali Sepehr, our board certified facial plastic surgeon, often finds this to be true with eyelid lift and brow lift surgery. Everyone’s needs and goals are distinct. Some patients may benefit from one or the other procedure; however, combining the two can help certain individuals address concerns that are influenced by more than one facial region.

For example, there may be some drooping along the brow as well as skin laxity on the upper eyelids, both of which can contribute to a tired-looking appearance. Addressing just one or the other concern may not fully achieve the desired result, so Dr. Sepehr may recommend utilizing both techniques. His extensive training makes it possible to carefully analyze each patient’s anatomic indicators to determine the best course of action. He will provide guidance based on his experience and your expressed wishes, and the final decision will always be yours.