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What Will My Neck Lift Scars Look Like After Healing?


Skin laxity on the neck is a common concern that many women and men experience as they grow older or lose weight. Neck lift surgery, often combined with a facelift, is a popular procedure than can address sagging skin and muscles in this area. One of the most common questions patients ask our board certified facial plastic surgeon is in regards to the incisions and the resulting scars. It sometimes can be hard to imagine, but it is possible to remove excess tissue around the neck using fairly inconspicuous incisions. Dr. Ali Sepehr explains how:

In most cases, the incisions for neck lift surgery will be made under the chin and behind the ears. These incisions are made as small as possible while still giving the surgeon enough room to perform the procedure. The excess skin will then be trimmed and the lax neck muscles tightened. Platysmal bands (rope-like muscles that run along the sides of the neck) also can be tightened during this procedure. Once complete, the surgeon will close the incisions carefully, to optimize healing.

Most individuals find that the scars heal very well and are barely noticeable. It can take up to a year or more for the scars to fully heal, and laser skin resurfacing can help further improve the appearance of these marks.

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