Orange County Plastic Surgeon Sponsors Eyelash Restoration

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Orange County Plastic Surgeon Sponsors Eyelash Restoration

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Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon Offers Lashes of Love

At the Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Orange County facial plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sepehr is reaching out to patients experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy with the Lashes of Love Program. The program offers qualifying patients the effective topical eyelash growth and lengthening product Latisse® for free. Dr. Sepehr says he hopes to provide a boost to the confidence and self-esteem of these patients, and help restore the sense of femininity often associated with long eyelashes.

Dr. Ali Sepehr is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon. At his Orange County, CA facial plastic surgery practice, he is sponsoring the Lashes of Love program, which offers Latisse® free of charge to patients recovering from chemotherapy. Dr. Sepehr says he hopes to help patients restore their confidence and appearance following a battle with cancer and subsequent chemotherapy treatment by helping them regrow their eyelashes.

Latisse® is the first eyelash growth solution approved for treatment of hypotrichosis by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration. It is a revolutionary in-home treatment that effectively helps patients grow darker, thicker, and longer eyelashes. “I believe that long eyelashes have a great impact on appearance and are a sign of femininity and youth. The lashes are important because they frame and accentuate the eyes which are the windows to the soul; the longer the lashes, the more elaborate the picture frame, and the more feminine the woman. Lashes also tend to get shorter with age so long lashes are a sign of youth. Therefore, longer eyelashes have a tremendous impact on our self confidence.”

The Lashes of Love program will supply Latisse® to patients whom have finished chemotherapy three months prior to treatment. “I have worked with cancer survivors as a reconstructive surgeon. So I have had a chance to witness how cancer can decrease people’s self esteem by changing their face, which is the main way people present themselves when communicating with the outside world. This program is important to me because I have always tried to help cancer survivors regain their self-confidence, and this program is another way to accomplish that goal.”

About Ali Sepehr, MD

Dr. Ali Sepehr earned his medical degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine. He then completed his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the University of California, Irvine, as well as a fellowship at the University of Toronto, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Sepehr is a Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Examiners and a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Society.

The Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is located at 16300 Sand Canyon Ave. Ste. 201 in Irvine, CA 92603 and can be reached at (949) 371-6963, or found online at or